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August 29, 2006

Hello and welcome

Category: Thomas Hempel

By: Thomas

Well, more than one year ago I started my personal blog. That days I wrote about all the things I read about TYPO3. I never imagined that soo many people will read what I write.

I started blogging with a simple tt_news installation. Tested ee_blog and than, TIMTAB entered the arena. ;-) Since than I have a real blog. Anyway, today the official TYPO3 blog sphere started. And I am proud to be the first one who writes an entry here. :-)

I hope a lot of other people find there way to this page and start sharing their ideas and impressions. I'm very curious what this going to be.

Well, I think not too much people will know me right now. And so I will shortly introduce myself.

My name is Thomas Hempel and I working with TYPO3 for more than three years now. I am the teamleader of the newsteam and as far as I know, one of the first TYPO3-bloggers. :-)

If you are interested in the things I wrote in the past, have a look at



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