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September 18, 2014

Why you have to attend a TYPO3camp

Category: Thomas Löffler, TYPO3, Personal

By: Thomas Löffler

As a TYPO3 addicted person you hear about several events relating our favorite Content Management System. But which event is the right one for you? Here I will bring you a short overview of the events and what you can expect from it:

The T3CON is the main event hosted by the TYPO3 Association. A few years ago, the conference was on three days at weekend and behind closed doors, it was seen as a more expensive Developer Days event.

But since last year the concept of the T3CON had a big change. The conference is not on the weekend and consists of three days with three topics (Business, Future, Knowledge), so the target group changes from mainly developers to mainly deciders and CTOs.

TYPO3 Developer Days:
This event is hosted by the Association as well and is the perfect event for all the TYPO3 developers. There is no difference, which part of the TYPO3 universe you develop or want to develop. Several sessions and workshops for CMS, Flow, Neos, Surf, etc. are a big chance to get the knowledge for not that much money. You will get the tickets cheaper if you are a Association member.

This event is the last one of the three official TYPO3 events. It's the counterpart of the conference and the Dev Days, where you can have fun with snowboarding and skiing - or just chilling and get in touch with all the TYPO3 enthusiasts.

The last years the T3BOARD was either in Switzerland (Laax) or Austria (Zell am See) and it was fun every time I joined. One week together with over 100 other TYPO3 guys, girls and even kids on a mountain hostel. It feels like holidays with friends and getting new knowledge about TYPO3.

There is no main target group for the event, everybody is invited to join!

This is mainly a community event and it differs from location to location, from organizers to organizers.
A TYPO3camp is a barcamp for TYPO3 topics and often very cheap (maximum 60 Euro for a whole weekend of TYPO3 knowledge, food and - of course - party). A TYPO3camp is organized by the participants. The program is created by them on Saturday morning and all the sessions are hold by the participants theirselves. You can participate with writing blog articles, twittering or taking some nice photos as well. The target group is not defined by the organization, it's defined by the people and their needs. You will hear of conceptional, editorial, design and of course developer stuff, so you can decide what you want to see and hear.
There is always a TYPO3camp near you. If not, find people and organize one in your city!

There are many more events related to TYPO3, but that would blow up the article. So, feel free to add your impressions from other events!

The very good thing in the TYPO3 community is the way we handle each other. If you are new to the community you get a warm and nice take-up. You can get in touch with everyone and have nice talks about TYPO3 and other stuff. For the people who are in the community even longer, every event is like a family reunion. Hugging and familiar greetings are the normal way.

So, feel free, join an event! If your employer is not letting you go, just take your free time.


It is worth!


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