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November 10, 2006

Bear strike part 2

Category: Gleb Kozlov

By: Gleb Kozlov

I was standing in the arrival hall of Tolmachevo Int. airport, with a silly sign in my hands with a name of a foreigner typed on it :) I didn't feel confused actually, I was quite excited and felt fun bout what's happening. In few minutes we met Michael Cannon, one of the first persons in American TYPO3 development and one of our biggest and oldest customers. I knew that Michael has been in military for some time, and I had some definite expectations on his look like and his behavior but fortunately, I was completely surprised when I had some real communication with him. I hope most of the TYPO3 community know Michael for his deeds in promoting TYPO3 in USA and other things he should be proud of, and during Michaels trip to Novosibirsk I found out some fact about him, which I should, of course, publish in this blog :)

Some facts about Michael Cannon.

1. Michael doesn't think that bears actually walk around in the streets, that's great I think :)

2. Michael works a lot. No, he really works a lot. Sometimes we've been staying in the office for 15 or 17 hours, we discussed some business matters, built some management models, wrote proposals and such stuff. I couldn't even imagine that we would do SO much work. Denis looked like a corpse, he used to work hard before, but I haven't seen him so much tired, I think that it's very simple - one of some common knowledge facts that everybody know, but at the same time one of the secrets of doing businees - to work really hard :)

3. Michael loves his family. How I found out about that - it's very simple. Michael told us a lot about his family and we understood that he's really worried and concerned about them back there in US, that he misses his family a lot and that he was looking forward to go back to US and to finally meet them. That's really great, you know, not anyone can really say that he's got a great family and that he's happy in his private life.

While Michael has been working here with us we've understood what does real-time communication with the customer means and that's really great for everybody. As for me, now I'm looking foward to travel to my german clients and spend some time living there and building-up communication processes.

I think that's it for now, anyway, to be continued :)


thanks everybody,



comment #1
Gravatar: Michael Cannon Michael Cannon November 10, 2006 13:58

Thank you for the kind and good words about me. It wasn't quite so such what to think when I was walking through the arrival terminal in Novosobirsk. The welcome and stay was great.

I couldn't have accomplished so much success with TYPO3 without BCS-IT support. I feel a bit bad at how hard I made your team work while I was there. We had so much to talk about, learn, investigate, and simply do. Nevertheless, Denis and yourself are good people with a solid vision to see TYPO3 grow as well. My family says thanks for taking care of me while I was away from them.


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