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November 10, 2006 Bear strike part 2

I was standing in the arrival hall of Tolmachevo Int. airport, with a silly sign in my hands with a name of a foreigner typed on it :) I didn't feel confused actually, I was quite excited and felt fun bout what's happening. In...

Category: Gleb Kozlov

November 5, 2006 Bear strike part 1

I decided to stay at my parents place and asked my mom if she could wake me up at 03.00 AM. When she came to my room at three sharp I've been already awake, dressed and ready, actually, I couldn't close my eyes even for a moment...

Category: Gleb Kozlov

November 2, 2006 Getting involved, intro

So, finally, I'm in. That's what I really have been looking forward to :) Nevermind, that's just because this typo3 blog project is quite exciting for me; though I've been selling typo3 for half a year, I never wrote about it :)...

Category: Gleb Kozlov