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November 2, 2006

Getting involved, intro

Category: Gleb Kozlov

By: Gleb Kozlov

So, finally, I'm in. That's what I really have been looking forward to :) Nevermind, that's just because this typo3 blog project is quite exciting for me; though I've been selling typo3 for half a year, I never wrote about it :) I want to thank Sebastian and all the Buzz team for giving me an opportunity to express myself somehow. I've read Mario's intoduction post and I'll try to manage to do something alike.

Few words about myself. My full name is Gleb Valeryevich Kozlov, born on December, 7 th, 1985. I live near Novosibirsk, third biggest city in Russia, in a small town Akadem-gorodok. The history of this place is really very interesting. It was founded in late 50s as a global siberian research center. We've got 18 research institutes here and the Novosibirsk State University, a real source of developers and IT-management staff. Thanks to this we've got a great amount of IT-companies back here and I work for one too, it's BCS-IT. What I do is setting up partner-network in Europe and building customer-relations, though I'm responsible for typo3 department, I've been involved in typo3 not for a long time. When I've seen the platform for the first time, I said thought that it's too complicated, but it took me only a few days to understand that I was mistaken. Now I've got my team of several developers and I'm trying to be a good manager :)

Why I'm interested in this blog project? The first thing, of course an opportunity to promote typo3 as a platform in my country and to tell people all over Europe how we work back here. Besides, I'm really looking forward to practice my english-writing skills :) As far as my occupation is contacting people and communicating with them, I want to do bloging both for fun and to increase my professional skills. So that's it, I'll be writing more for sure but for the first time I think, that's enough :)






comment #1
Gravatar: Mario Rimann Mario Rimann November 2, 2006 20:43
Hi Gleb

Now you're in - cool! Welcome on board at!

Greetings from Switzerland to Russia,

comment #2
Gravatar: Michael Cannon Michael Cannon November 3, 2006 13:15
Great to see you here Gleb. Thanks for showing me around Novosibirk and being a great host while I was there checking out BCS-IT.

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