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September 17, 2006

Book review: "TYPO3 Kochbuch"

Category: Mario Rimann, TYPO3

By: Mario Rimann

The cover

My exemplar with many yellow marks

During the T3DD06, Peter Niederlag promoted the book "TYPO3 Kochbuch" (of which he is a co-author) by leaving a specimen at the reception desk. I didn't find much time to read in the book (You know the huge amount of work we had...), but I liked what I saw.

So I placed that book on my amazon wishlist. But no one bought it. Ok, it was on the list for just some days :-)  I just couldn't wait - and finally bought the book in one of the biggest book stores in Zürich.

I like to give you a short review about the book. May be some of the readers here aren't sure whether to buy the book.

First of all, some technical specifications:

  • Title: TYPO3 Kochbuch
  • Authors: Christian Trabold, Jo Hasenau, Peter Niederlag
  • Published by: O'Reilly
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 3-89721-430-X
  • Size: 713 pages

The book targets on persons with some expierience with TYPO3. Of course things are explained within the book. But without some base-knowledge, it will be harder to understand. For me it was a great source of information to supplement my knowledge with some details.

It took me some days to read the book. I got inspired and found many new ideas on how to solve things, to improve existing TYPO3 sites or to improve own extensions.

As you can see on the second image: I putted in many yellow notepads. That's a clear proof on how many information is included in the book - and how much of that was interresting for me.

The only point to improve: some more screenshots. Some recipes would be much easier to understand or to follow (without testing it 1:1 on the computer), if there would be some screenshots showing the steps taken in the recipe.

To sum up: I liked to read the book!
I can just recommend that book to anyone that as some expierience with TYPO3 and wants to dive deeper into TYPO3.


comment #1
Gravatar: Thomas Thomas September 17, 2006 19:07
Hi Mario,
I totally agree with you. This book is a great source for everyone who has to create sites with TYPO3 and who writes extensions. But some more screenshots would be nice. :-)


comment #2
Gravatar: Graham Solomon Graham Solomon October 18, 2006 10:46
Would be nice to have some more literature in English the only translated book is based on TYPO 3.8, I have already sent an email to O'Reilly requesting a translation, they thanked me and said they would consider it lol, maybe if more people emailed them? :)

comment #3
Gravatar: David David October 19, 2006 13:30
It is a nice piece of work done by Christian, Jo and Peter. I liked to read it and felt very inspired by the topics and examples. It´s THE book to go profound into TYPO3 :)

comment #4
Gravatar: Eric Eric October 30, 2006 21:12
I will email O'Reilly also, I need such kind of "not for beginer" book, but in english. I just use to see a lot useful material just in German (as the tt_products tutorial) it would be great for typo if such material become translated (I have laready half of the tt_product tut. translated to spanish, think don't have enough knowledge to do a decent english translation).

comment #5
Gravatar: Stefano Stefano November 25, 2006 10:42
i asked O'Reilly fot the english version, too...

how i would like to study such a book... it would be helpful for everybody!

(since the more deep knowledge about typo3 is spread around, the more we can help others with good, fast and direct tips!

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