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March 25, 2007 T3DD07: Status report

Today in a month we will be at the 2nd International TYPO3 Developer Days that starts on the 25th of April with the preparation day. The official start will be on the 26th. All the long-term preparations are almost finished and...

Category: Mario Rimann, TYPO3

November 24, 2006 A Win-Win situation!

The TYPO3 is a microcosm. In the centre, there is the product itself. And around that, there are different kinds of groups arranged:There are the more "professionals", working with TYPO3 for an agency or as a freelancer...

Category: Mario Rimann, TYPO3

October 23, 2006 Show your network!

No, I don't mean your physical network at home or at work. Show us your personal network of contacts all over the world. At the T3CON06 in Karlsruhe, Stefan Bauer told me about OpenBC and invited me to this platform. After some...

Category: Mario Rimann

September 17, 2006 Book review: "TYPO3 Kochbuch"

During the T3DD06, Peter Niederlag promoted the book "TYPO3 Kochbuch" (of which he is a co-author) by leaving a specimen at the reception desk. I didn't find much time to read in the book (You know the huge amount of work we...

Category: Mario Rimann, TYPO3

September 4, 2006 Introducing a new blogger

A few days after T3DD06, Sebastian Kurfürst told me about and asked me if I would like to join the team of TYPO3-Bloggers. Of course I will! Now I finally found the time to write some lines. This is my first post...

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