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September 4, 2006

Introducing a new blogger

Category: Mario Rimann, Personal

By: Mario Rimann

A few days after T3DD06, Sebastian Kurfürst told me about and asked me if I would like to join the team of TYPO3-Bloggers. Of course I will! Now I finally found the time to write some lines.

This is my first post on this platform and it's only intention is to tell you some things about myself. If you still have unanswered questions after reading this, feel free to contact me by email at mario(at)

I was born in November 1982 in Zürich, Switzerland and also grew up in the there. Since the end of 2002 I'm working as a Technician at the Berufsbildungszentrum Amt und Limmattal in Dietikon (approx 10km from Zürich). My daily business is to maintain our network with >130 windows clients. It's also my job to support the users, maintain the servers and work in different project teams. So that job changing every day :-)
Starting from early 2003 I'm living together with Kerstin, the girl I married in March 2004.

My first contact to TYPO3 was established during a project at work. We were looking for an external company to refurbish our website:
One day, my boss came to my office to hand over some offers to me. He asked me to have a look on them and give him some feedback. At that time I never heard of TYPO3 before. During my evaluation I had a look on TYPO3 and I was stunned. I liked TYPO3 from the first moment...

In my spare time I like to code on my own extension (EXT:bzd_staff_directory) and work on the Seminar Manager (EXT:seminars). Other hobbies are cooking and writing my own blog at Once a month I'm doing some voluntary work for TIXI Zürich (a transport service for persons with a handicap).

At the moment, I'm doing different things in the TYPO3 project:

  • education team (
  • extension programming
  • planning T3DD07
  • blogging on

That was my first post and I hope you enjoyed it :-) I plan to write some lines if I have to say something in the future. As I'm no core developer or project leader (yet?), I probably don't have news for you every day, but I'm looking forward to see as a vivid, active platform!

- mario


comment #1
Gravatar: Thomas Thomas September 10, 2006 17:24
Hello Mario,
welcome on board. Nice to read you! ;-)

Greets from Hamburg,

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