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March 21, 2008 Make Sysfolder appears as Web Module ?

Idea for a new feature aimed at simplifying the BE.

Category: Patrick Gaumond, TYPO3
By:Patrick Gaumond

December 16, 2007 This isn't normal folks

Pictures are worth thousands words...

Category: Patrick Gaumond, Personal
By:Patrick Gaumond

July 24, 2007 TYPO3 at DMR Conseil in Québec

I leave Université Laval last March after 13 years of services. Now still working in Québec with TYPO3 but in a big consultancy shop: DMR, a Fujitsu's company.

Category: Patrick Gaumond

July 20, 2007 T3CON - Here I go !

This is when you realize how much important people behind the code are...

Category: Patrick Gaumond, TYPO3

May 10, 2007 BE user delegation

Another extension that made my day: tc_beuser !

Category: Patrick Gaumond, TYPO3
By:Patrick Gaumond

April 27, 2007 The King is gone - Thanks for everything!

Kasper's retirement announced. What's in it for me?

Category: Patrick Gaumond

February 7, 2007 Ahhh those life savers

It's always a pleasure to find the right extension when you need it.

Category: TYPO3, Patrick Gaumond

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PHP Conference in Montreal, 2007

Patrick, the guy from Québec City

Hello World, my name is Patrick Gaumond and I'm aproud citizen of Québec City (this is a TYPO3 site!).

I've been using TYPO3 since March 2003 and now I'm working for the Province of Québec's Government.

I'm still using TYPO3 on a daily basis and still having fun!