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November 21, 2006

The logo one year after introduction

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

By: rasmusskjoldan

Now one year after the new logo's completion and introduction feedback is diminishing. I'd still like to hear what you think, though. Has its image settled? Does the colors work for you?

We're still working on the pages on to include a whole lot of yet unreleased material and guidelines. So feedback can improve this ongoing work with the style guidelines to further improve the look and the ease of use of the elements.

Let me know what's missing the most - and what you think of the logo and its style today

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comment #1
Gravatar: Michael Stucki Michael Stucki November 22, 2006 12:26
Hi Rasmus,

I didn't like it very much in the beginning as I liked the old one pretty much. However, one year later, I cannot understand this anymore :-)

In the past, TYPO3 was just a piece of code which I used to work with.
The new logo has turned TYPO3 into a real product with an identity. I can use it, wear it, drink out of it (nice mugs) and finally: recognize it. (This is what I find most important, because I'm convinced that new customers/users feel the same way, so they start to get interested into a product which they would probably ignore otherwise...

Thanks for your great work!
- michael

comment #2
Gravatar: Rasmus Rasmus November 24, 2006 11:18
Just plain good to hear! Thx.

comment #3
Gravatar: Mario Rimann Mario Rimann November 24, 2006 19:30
Hi Rasmus
I like the new logo. But I think the style-guide is maybe coming too late now. Hope that this piece will be finished soon, and everyone will use it (and use the logo as he/she should).

Thanks for the great work you (and your team) did and will do in the future!

- mario

comment #4
Gravatar: Rasmus Rasmus November 25, 2006 16:07
Hi Mario
I agree, obviously. Have time to help with publishing the SG? It's all done - just need time and/or more hands :)


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