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Focus on design

Name is Rasmus Skjoldan and head the TYPO3 design team.

My day-job is CEO of BEE3.

I'll try to use this blog to release less formal material about the new TYPO3 corporate identity - tips & tricks and some of the finished or almost finished yet unreleased CI material.

November 7, 2008 T3REORG underway

A quick report from meetings about the T3REORG project today and sunday in Copenhagen

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

October 11, 2008 A T3CON08 conclusion: The implementation of the TYPO3 CI is crazy wicked cool!

I'm looking at 100's of TYPO3 CI applications here in Berlin and I just have to say Thank you thank you thank you!

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

February 11, 2008 Typo3abc free to download

Just want to hint that we (my company, that is) have made Typo3abc free to grasp & modify.

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

November 23, 2007 Updated style guide

The online style guide has been updated again (actually a good while ago - just forgot to let everyone know). This time we have incorporated sections about the subbrand system, the use of photography, basic layout rules and...

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

May 29, 2007 T3UG Cph - design and TYPO3 BE integretion

For me, as a designer, TYPO3 functions as a design tool. It may sound weird to some but the possibilities TYPO3 gives me of establishing a perfect balance between design parameters and content editing limitation/freedom are just...

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

March 30, 2007 Cropping the logo

It's allowed to crop the logo. It's being explained in more detail in the style guide but here's a couple of small tips.

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

March 12, 2007 New photo on and login screen

The new photo on and on the login screen taken by Ture Andersen

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

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