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September 11, 2006

Quebec Vol. 1

Category: Sebastian Kurfürst, Personal

By: Sebastian

That's the door of my room at Patrick's house, which Patrick has decorated with some keychain... I want to write a little about my first impressions from Québec!

This room is infected by TYPO3

18 °C is not much...

On Friday, Patrick took a day off work, that's why we did some shopping, took a little bike ride and went inside the pool afterwards (It was pretty chilly, 18 °C, but it was the right thing after some biking!). Après, we prepared the family dinner, Fondue, really delicious! I knew I would have a hard time understanding French, and it is like expected :-) Happily, everybody can talk English with me, and my French listening skills slowly improve...

Then, on Saturday, it rained the whole time, that's why we went sight-seeing by car - the Quebec city is really "European style"! - And we went to a big shopping mall where we had lunch, I tried some Quebec Speciality, but I forgot the name of it - it's tasty anyways :-)

Today, the weather was again perfect, and we went to a football game - that was amazing! 18 000 people came to the university football game, and Laval (the Québec University) won against Montreal, anyways it was very very close. After the first two quarters, Montreal had 16, Quebec 8 points - but in the end, Quebec won 25:21 :-) It was a great atmosphere there.

So far I really enjoy the time here, we have very interesting discussions and I learn a lot about Québec (history, politics, everything) - I did not expect so many differences between Québec and the rest of Canada.

When we were shopping for food for the first time, I was really amazed how much choice they had, and how good the food was (The "American Standard" is a lot ... umm ... different - Quebec is more comparable to Europe). For example, the don't just have one choice of cheese :-)

So, that's it for the first time, the next time I will blog about my first climbing experiences and the TYPO3 user group meeting - and let's see what else.

Stay tuned, and greets to everybody at home!



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Gravatar: Patrick Patrick September 12, 2006 03:44
The nice food is called "Poutine"...

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