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September 17, 2006

Québec Vol. 2

Category: Sebastian Kurfürst, Personal

The climbing day, TUG Québec, How and why I installed ezPublish, and last but not least the weekend!

The climbing rock

a beautiful sunset

TUG Québec

Soo... Monday... (Kinda hard to remember because a lot of stuff happened in between!). Monday was my "climbing day" :-) I met with somebody I have never seen before at 4:00 PM to go climbing - and it was a lot of fun! The rock we were going to was a toprope-only rock, so it was perfect for my first climbing trys here. I really climbed up to the limit, and it was soo great! Besides, the sunset in the evening was really beautiful... Most routes were already in the shadow, just the last section was in the sun, and when I went to the top for the last route, that was amazing! Sunset over St. Lawrence river :-) Jasmin, who was my climbing partner, did not respond yet again to my emails, but I hope that'll again change so we could go climbing again :-) (On that day, I as well went to university by bike!)

On Tuesday, we had the TYPO3 Québec (usergroup) meeting where I presented a short overview of the developer days and the developments in the 4.X and 5.X branch of TYPO3 - in summary, the my part was longer than one hour, followed by a really nice discussion! If you want, you can view a Quicktime VR image of the event.

On wednesday evening, I had a really nice and interesting discussion with Sophie (Patricks wife) about Germany, Canada, work, and all kinds of other things :-)

Thursday was a pretty regular day, except that in the evening Patrick and me were brainstorming about a new TYPO3 install tool, and for that reason, we tried to install ezPublish - and I did not get it to work with my PHP5... Strange, but I was not going to use it permanently anyways...

On Friday evening, the brother of Sophie from Montreal arrived, and we had a lot of fun with them. After dinner we decided to go out for a bit of Pool, and I was really stunned how well they all played it (I understood it after they told me they have an own pool table in the basement...) - So we were playing pool until about 3 in the morning, and I was slowly getting better :-) Getting tips from a (semi-)"professional" helps certainly!

After sleeping until 11 on Saturday, we drove to Sophie's mother's house, where I met the whole family, and then we (the whole family) drove to d'arbre en arbre which was great fun! It is like a "parcours" which is built up in the trees, so you always had ropes, ladders and skiplines (it's "Seilbahnen" in German). For the others, it was the first time they wore a climbing harness, and most of them liked it a lot, too :-) We were about four hours in the trees!

In the evening, there was a party with everyone from the family, and that was again very nice, I noticed that my comprehension skills in French are getting better very slowly, but it is at least an improvement ;)

Today, I slept until ten, and after lunch, Patrick and me went to see a big waterfall near Québec city. We climbed all the 487 steps towards the top of it - so we did a bit of sports again ;)

So far, I was at the university every weekday, but I think that will change now... Tomorrow I will go to another TYPO3 company, and of course I want to do some sight-seeing :-) - So if the weather is nice outside, I won't be in the office...

Some things are going on at the TYPO3 side of life as well, I was very involved in planning TYPO3 5.0 recently, and I think that our ideas will be published really soon, and then we will call for people who want to participate. I really look forward to that, especially coordinating everything and "seeing it grow". When I phoned Robert because of 5.0, he was very excited about the new developments now.

So, I think that's it for today, thanks for reading!



comment #1
Gravatar: September 18, 2006 17:59
This tree thing looks very funny ;-)
Merci to Patrick and his whole family to be such great "Parents" for Sebastian!

comment #2
Gravatar: Andreas Andreas January 15, 2007 09:54
To install ezPublish together with PHP5 you would need to use a community build of ezPublish.

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