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September 26, 2012

TYPO3 Core Budget Application 2013

Category: Ernesto Baschny

By: Ernesto Baschny

As the current Budget Manager of the TYPO3v4 Core Team I submitted two budget applications to the TYPO3 Association for use by the Core Team in 2013. During the T3CON there will be a 15 min slot for me to present this application. Read about the whole application process.

Remember that the T3A Association Members will be able to vote on the applications, and at the end the EAB decides on the exact distribution of allocated money.

Here I'll try to explain my application a bit. Many of you probably never even heard about "Budgets" of the "Core Team" before, so here's a chance to understand it (and ask questions and discuss it if you like).

First let me review our granted budget in 2012 (the application until 2012 was made by Ingmar Schlecht, which passed that task over to me last year). Check out the detailed explanation of our budget application 2012. It was basically split up like this:

  • Travel Expenses: €20.000
  • Release Management: €6.800
  • Core Team Lead: €39.600
  • Co-Core Team Lead: €15.840
  • Important Development: €7.500
  • Joint v4/v5: €36.000

For 2013 we've chosen this setup: 

  • Travel (T3DD+T3CON, v4+Phoenix), incl. T3CON tickets: €37.800 (*)
  • Release Management: €7.200
  • Core Team Leadership: €23.760
  • Core Team Co-Leadership: €31.680
  • Core Team Coder & Quality Assurance: €15.840
  • Important Development/Design: €7.920
  • Code Sprints: €16.080

Read all details in the complete application forms, available for download below.

(*) Travel is now a *separate* budget request!!

An explanation of the changes to 2012 and their motivation:

  1. Travel expenses which used to cover the v4 team's cost for coming to T3DD and T3CON have been *split up* into a separate budget. Read the description in the attached "TYPO3-Meetings-2013-budget_app_form.odt/pdf". That new budget will cover all "active developers" for 2 events and also for all relevant core (v4/Phoenix) and supporting teams and  individual (Security, Extbase, Design). We also decided to invite the active contributors to the T3CON (paying also the expensive ticket), as explained and justified in the description.
  2. Leader: Olly decided that he cannot spend the same amount of time planned until 2012 on core leader activity anymore, so his time-share was lowered.
  3. Co-Leader: Helmut (and Benni) will try to work more on the core in the near future. Note that Helmut isn't officially our Co-Leader yet. The internal team structure will still be discussed during our T3CON meet-up, but it doesn't really matter for the purpose of the budget application. 
  4. Coder: Christian Kuhn is still motivated to continue on his "heart-job" of code cleanups, testing, Q&A and general coding / bug-fixing. Being that a job that he does so well and with so much dedication (stuff that noone else wants to do...), he'll be at least in part financed for this, which is the new "Coder" part of the budget. We can also use this for some other "coder" during 2013, so the position might also shift over time. If you recall, some years ago Jeff Segars did some payed "coding" for parts that were important for 4.5 release at that time. Keep in mind that we'll probably want to produce the *next LTS* during 2013, so having a semi-dedicated "coder" is vital for it to work out well (as we've learned in 2010 for 4.5).
  5. Code Sprints: This was not part of our budget until now, but turned out to be a required working mode to get things done. We've planed for 8 code sprints during the year, meaning 4 for each release. More code sprints might be organized, depending on the potential for sponsoring through non-association money.

Historically our Core Team has been very well supported by lots of agencies, freelancers, sponsors and individuals. Many of our meetings, code sprints, events, and development couldn't have been done without it. For that reason in the past we didn't need to use all of our allocated budget.

But keep in mind that most of the work done within the TYPO3 Core is and will always be volunteer work done by many many active contributors (including myself). Thus our budget request is not meant to "pay someone to improve our code" but is just an activator which enables us all to focus on what's important to the Core and to ourselves. Our goal is still to jointly innovate excellent free software enabling people to communicate!

That's all, I hope you understand and that the T3A Members and the EAB also endorse our applications.


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