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December 3, 2013

Something Neos IV - Alpha to Beta pitfalls

Category: Florian Weiss

Small changes - big effects

I recently updated from NEOS Alpha to Beta and I'd like to point out some problems and solutions of my upgrade experience:

Hosted Server and a writable temporary directory for composer

When trying to update the installation via composer on my hosted server I was not allowed to write in the default temporary directory.

export COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR = pathtoyourcachedir

will set the according constant for this session. (Mind you have to export it again on the next session) - thx to radmiraal of #typo3-neos

Install screen - "Connecting" info never vanishes due to a javascript problem

When setting up my database for the Beta installation I never had a chance to enter the name of my database in the GUI due to a JavaScript Error that occured on all major browsers.
(This could be tied to some rights problem on my hosted server though - it most certainly will work just fine with almost all installations)
This can be easily solved by deactivating JavaScript (I used Opera to finish the install procedure and activated JavaScript again afterwards)

Nodes will NOT be created automatically for you now

In alpha when creating a new childnode for your template you only had to adjust the Typoscript ( Root.ts2 ) and HTML ( Default.html ) templates - the node was automatically added for you.

This is NOT the case in Beta any more - you have to explicitly add the node in /YourSiteName/Configuration/NodeTypes.yaml now!

      type: 'TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection'

In addition mind that this change will only be applied to NEW pages you create - not for pages you already did create (like the root page)

To apply the change to your already existing pages using the command:

./flow node:autocreatechildnodes --node-type TYPO3.Neos:Document

is suggested. (Document being the node you want updated)
(I did try this with :Page but had to update my database manually after running the command - changing "nodetype" from "unstructured" to the according type (in my case: TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection) for the correct entries (my element was a ContentCollection named "boxes" therefore I did change the entry with path "/sites/home/boxes")

Thx to skurfuerst of #typo3-neos

Displaying the title of the document in your template

Just a minor issue. You can't use {title} in your template anymore by default - if you want to keep using it you'll have to adjust your TS with:

page.body.title = ${q(documentNode).property('title')}

(given that you want to use the title in the body)

Thx to ChristianM/aertmann of #typo3-neos

That's it for this time - I hope you're all as exited as I am to celebrate the Release of TYPO3 Neos on December 10th, 2013!

You can find a party location near you at:




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