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Adventures in TYPO3

Hi, my name is Ron Hall and I'm a web developer living near Dallas, TX.

My intention in this blog is to ramble about what I have discovered in my TYPO3 adventures and in so doing I hope to provide some help, perspective and maybe even humor to others on their own TYPO3 journey. I will talk about people I have connected with, resources I have found, give typoscript examples and recommend extensions.

If you get a chance I invite you to visit my main blog at It contains all of these posts and more. Plus all the posts are categorized for reference.

July 24, 2008 Don't Wear Out the Clear Cache Button

Reduce your manual cache clearing by 95% with a single line of TypoScript.

Category: Ron Hall

July 22, 2008 xScope: Handy to Have Around for Front-End Coding

xScope is a nice set of tools for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts.

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

July 9, 2008 I'm Not Dead Yet

Contrary to the lack of postings recently, I am alive and kicking in web development. An update on where I have been and what I have been working on.

Category: Ron Hall

March 5, 2008 Boiler Plate Content for Styling Checks

Recently I have put together some code to help with checking CSS styling on sites. Basically I have put together XHTML code that contains pretty much all of the elements you will use in your work. You can paste this code into...

Category: Ron Hall

January 17, 2008 Launch of a Mult-Campus TYPO3 Site

The first of the year found me pretty busy helping to put together a large TYPO3-driven site for Christ Fellowship in Florida. We launched the site last Friday at This site has some unique features that...

Category: Ron Hall

January 2, 2008 Out on My Own

Well, today is my first day of being in full-time web development with my company, Busy Noggin, Inc. For the last 17 years I have served Irving Bible Church (IBC) as communications director with a season of additional...

Category: Ron Hall

October 27, 2007 Dealing with the Leopard Menu Bar

Got Leopard installed this morning and one thing I hate. The translucent menu bar at the top. Not an improvement IMHO. There is at least one hack out there but didn't want to go that route. I hope sometime in the future Apple...

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

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