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August 4, 2008 New on forge: Newsgroup viewer

Did you already see It's a great platform for reading the TYPO3 newsgroups online, and now, it is usable from within forge as well!

July 15, 2008 Forge Status Update

A lot has been happening on forge - TYPO3 Core SVN has moved to it, everybody started developing extensions there and we implemented lots of small detail improvements! And best of all - there is more to come!

By:Sebastian Kurfürst

February 18, 2008 TYPO3 Forge - Behind the Scenes: One User, One Password

Now, I'm going to show you some convenient features for project admins and members which are related to single-signon! Some months ago, a TYPO3 developer needed about five accounts - we want to change that!

February 18, 2008 TYPO3 Forge - Behind the Scenes: Avatars

You hopefully have seen two new stars in the TYPO3 galaxy: and (if not, check them out - it's worth it!). This posting is the start of a series highlighting some of the cool and...

November 17, 2007 A new Installer

TYPO3 was one of the first systems having an installer - and it served us well for a really long time. In the meantime, other projects have created new, shiny installers which include localization, a nice theme, and a better...

June 23, 2007 PhotoZone or Do we need still another gallery extension?

When searching for photo gallerys in the Extension Repository, you'll get about 30 results. However, I still developed my own one for my own website, and think of releasing it publicly, that's why I need your opinion!

Category: Sebastian Kurfürst, TYPO3, Personal

May 10, 2007 Wanted: Postfix and Mailman specialist

It is about 4 years ago that Michael started to set up a new mailing list server for the TYPO3 community. Back then it was a rather simple task to set up a server with mailing list and newsgroup access for about six mailing lists...

By:Michael Stucki & Sebastian Kurfürst

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