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February 16, 2007 Wii goes static with TYPO3

The TYPO3 Magazine T3N has published an english translation of Andreas Ottos Article about Static Publish. You can find it here. Development has been stale...

Category: Olivier Dobberkau, TYPO3, Technology

February 15, 2007 Exploring the core

Christian Lerrahn has started a project with the goal to describe the core of TYPO3 more tutorial-like. he says that the current documentation is more like a reference (yes that's it). He wants to go through the code and look...

February 15, 2007 Raw photo converters for linux

I have been interested in raw photo editing since two or three years, especially in the programs for linux. For a long time, there only was a gimp plugin and dcraw, a command-line based raw converter. Today, I stumbled over an...

Category: Sebastian Kurfürst, Technology

February 11, 2007 Linking to bugs from the wiki

I wrote my last exam for this semester on Friday and now I am slowly getting into one of my favorite hobbies again! While checking bugs, I stumbled over , the TYPO3 4.1...


February 8, 2007 T3GOLF Anyone?

tmp.FORE < get.your.clubs.and.join.for.a.round Anyone interested in a TYPO3 Golf Event this Year. Please contact me if you would like to join me to organize such an Event? (I mean Golf and not Crossgolf) Olivier

February 7, 2007 Ahhh those life savers

It's always a pleasure to find the right extension when you need it.

Category: TYPO3, Patrick Gaumond

February 7, 2007 Say hello to Buzz! Say hello to TYPO3 4.1

Hello Fellow Buzzers. My Name is Olivier Dobberkau. I have been using TYPO3 since Version 3.2. TYPO3 was featured in an article in the German IT Magazine iX. We were looking for alternatives to our selfcreated cms and thought we...

Category: TYPO3, Personal, Olivier Dobberkau

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