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January 22, 2007 Sometimes I Wish I Were German

I suppose it is natural for every person to be proud of their heritage, culture and country. Texans definitely lean that way almost to a fault. Even so, every now and then I wish I were German. Why? Because of the strong,...

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

January 18, 2007 Changing the Default Header for Content Elements

Setting the constant that controls the header level for the default layout.

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

January 15, 2007 Spam Protecting Your TYPO3 E-mail Addresses With a Special Twist

With a little adjustment in code you can improve TYPO3's capabilities in obscuring e-mail addresses.

Category: Ron Hall, TYPO3
By:Ron Hall

January 13, 2007 Updates in the online style guide

Online style guide has been updated

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

January 10, 2007 Making Sure Content Elements Show and Hide at the Proper Time

When I first started using the show and hide fields, my content elements and pages did not always appear and disappear when I thought they should. Sometimes they would work as expected and sometimes not. Let's say I edited an...

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

January 3, 2007 Why I seldom map CSS files in TemplaVoila

I moved to TemplaVoila templating earlier this year in order to take advantage of FCE's and local processing in individual templates. I originally connected my CSS files using the "Select HTML header parts" feature of TV....

Category: Ron Hall, TYPO3
By:Ron Hall

December 27, 2006 DevBlog: Install Tool 2.0 #2

Not too much has happend since the last report from the Installer Development front. Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the last changes.

Category: Thomas Hempel

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