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February 5, 2007 New English TypoScript Book by Packt Publishing

Last month I heard about a new TYPO3 book in English from Packt Publishing called "Mastering Typoscript" by Daniel Koch. I quickly ordered a copy and have read through about 2/3 of it so far. It is worth the investment and is...

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

January 31, 2007 Snowboards

Snowboard designs by Ralph du Carrois. I promised someone I would post these back at Tycon3 - at some point. Now's a good time.

Category: Rasmus Skjoldan

January 27, 2007 Have fun in the snow!

Most of the TYPO3 core community is in the snow right now! They are in France at T3BOARD07. Today, I found some pictures from Thomas Hempel! It looks nice so far :-) Have fun everybody! I hope I can join the tour again next...

Category: TYPO3

January 27, 2007 TYPO3 in Québec

How TYPO3 is doing in North America is a question often asked... Here's part of the answer.

Category: Patrick Gaumond, TYPO3
By:Patrick Gaumond

January 24, 2007 T3BORED? Never!

Behind the scenes of organizing the snowboard tour.

Category: Daniel Hinderink, TYPO3 Daniel Hinderink

January 22, 2007 Project Phoenix: Unit Tests

During the last weeks, I did not follow the TYPO3 5.0 development a lot, and yesterday I took the time to browse through recent developments again. To cut a long story short, I was impressed by the progress made by Robert and...

Category: TYPO3

January 22, 2007 A new core developer!

Hi everybody, it has been a long time I did not find any time to blog, and I try to blog more often again... Currently, I am preparing my first exams at university, that's why I've been detached from the community for such a long...

Category: TYPO3

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