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November 10, 2006 Bear strike part 2

I was standing in the arrival hall of Tolmachevo Int. airport, with a silly sign in my hands with a name of a foreigner typed on it :) I didn't feel confused actually, I was quite excited and felt fun bout what's happening. In...

Category: Gleb Kozlov

November 9, 2006 TYPO3 5.0 and Dynamic Backend Editing

During the last weeks I slowly started with TYPO3 work again, after the beginning of university. On the 5.0 front, Robert, Sven and myself had a very good skype discussion about 5.0, and the day afterwards, I met Ronny after I...

By:Sebastian Kurfuerst

November 5, 2006 Bear strike part 1

I decided to stay at my parents place and asked my mom if she could wake me up at 03.00 AM. When she came to my room at three sharp I've been already awake, dressed and ready, actually, I couldn't close my eyes even for a moment...

Category: Gleb Kozlov

November 4, 2006 Usergroup Exchange

Hello, yesterday our swiss guests arrived here in Hamburg for the first (known to me) TYPO3 usergroup exchange. The idea was born by Mario "T3DD" Rimann and Gina Steiner and after some talks the idea became reality now....

Category: Thomas Hempel

November 2, 2006 Getting involved, intro

So, finally, I'm in. That's what I really have been looking forward to :) Nevermind, that's just because this typo3 blog project is quite exciting for me; though I've been selling typo3 for half a year, I never wrote about it :)...

Category: Gleb Kozlov

October 23, 2006 Show your network!

No, I don't mean your physical network at home or at work. Show us your personal network of contacts all over the world. At the T3CON06 in Karlsruhe, Stefan Bauer told me about OpenBC and invited me to this platform. After some...

Category: Mario Rimann

October 18, 2006 University

It's been a long time I did not write anything... The main reason for that is that I have no internet at my apartment at the moment :-(, thus my TYPO3 time is really limited right now. Aside from that, university is really a lot...

Category: Sebastian Kurfürst, Personal

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