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Olivier Dobberkau

46 Years old. CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH, Frankfurt.

Using TYPO3 for more than 400 Projects in 14 years.

In my freetime I try to improve my Golf Handicap (30). I like to go out with friends and see movies. I root for my local soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt.

France and Italy are my favorites countries, followed by Spain and Austria. I would like to go to Japan or Asia sometime. Canada and the UAE are ony favorites list too!

I like to meet new people. If it happens that you are around Frankfurt send me an e-Mail.

Since 01.02.2014 I am the President of the TYPO3 Association. Feel free to contact me on any question regarding it.

More on the T3A can be found here:

June 23, 2016 A calendar full of TYPO3 Events!

By looking at there seems to be a lot of TYPO3 related events going on. Its so hard not to be around an event near your home town. Please consider visiting the meetings with the Marketing...

Category: TYPO3

August 28, 2014 My current thoughts on the TYPO3 Association

Last week while on my way to a TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day those tweets were written by me. I put them here, so that you can find them in one place: What's the TYPO3 Association doing you might ask?  We are working to bring all...

January 14, 2014 on being a candidate for the upcoming T3A elections

Dear TYPO3 Association Members, dear friends in the Board, dear TYPO3 Community,I hereby would like to nominate myself for position President of the TYPO3 Association.I have been a member of the TYPO3 Association for more than 8...

Category: TYPO3, Personal, Olivier Dobberkau

December 22, 2013 Farewell Andreas

Andreas (second from left) with the L1ON Team and Kasper Skarhoj.

Tuesday 10th of december 2013 Andreas Otto deceased. I met Andreas at the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour in March 2003 and there i found out that he was working for another web agency in Frankfurt, Germany. We decided to stay in touch as...

Category: TYPO3, Personal

October 2, 2013 Which are top 10 extensions you need on TYPO3 Neos to get started?

Hrishikesh Lele asked lately on the linkedIn Neos Forum: "As TYPO3 Neos is coming closer to version 1.0 we need extensions which can support real world website needs. "Here is my answer to it:That is a really good...

Category: TYPO3

April 29, 2013 Your questions are welcome!

Looking for your Questions about the future of content management systems!I have suggested a panel discussion for the TYPO3 Conference in San Francisco and now I need you valuable input for it.Help me finding out by sending your...

Category: TYPO3

January 13, 2013 Five thoughts on a future-proof CMS

I posted *) five thoughts on content management systems: A future-proof CMS will be recognized by its content repository, easy editing, high integration, extendibility & standard comformity.It will run on distributed...

Category: Olivier Dobberkau, Technology, TYPO3

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E-Mail: olivier.dobberkau(at)

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